Before enrolling into any of the Course as displayed in, candidates have to pay for registration fees.

After registration all candidates are asked to perform in front of camera and play in small skits. Based on their performance candidates are advised to choose the best fit Course for their overall development.

Once courses are suggested, candidates may then pay upfront the decided fees for each course.

During course session, students are offered to play / act in small scripts. These small short films are edited and uploaded on youTube for Live audience

Once any of the Video crosses 10000 Views, the next video which they are asked to perform , they are paid remuneration on per day basis ranging from INR 500 to INR 1500.

Each Candidates have to attend more 90% of the attendance for each course. Once all the course attended by particular candidate are over, they are invited for grand function, where Certification, Award are distributed.

Best candidates with over all best performance are given a chance to be part of Full release films in theater.