Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Once paid Registration or Course Fees, students are bound to follow all below points 1 to 7  :

1: Admission:

All Fees are non refundable and non transferable.

All payments needs to be done in favor of “Baroda Acting School “ only. Receipts for each course paid should be kept safe throughout the course duration.

Certificates are awarded to all Students who have completed more than 90 percent of each course he or she is enrolled.

Courses once enrolled may not be switch over or transferred. Once a Student pays for the particular course he she have to adhere to all terms conditions strictly.

A student may be given warning if found doing misconduct or indulged in malpractices. A student may be banned for entering classes after repetition of   misconduct.

Registration fees to be paid one time and it is necessary for for all Students.  

2: Dress Code:

In the classes all students male or females are asked to wear formals or western or as per the shoot requirements along with script.

Vulgar and enticing dresses may not be allowed for both male and females.

3: Premises:

The class and the Premises where classes are build, have to kept clean and hygienic. All furniture, PROPS, decoratives, interior items are to be used so that no breakage or damage happens. Or else the damages may be panelized ( replacement or paid by money ) to individual involved or the group involved.

4: Discipline :

Students need to follow strict time of coming to classes and shoot. Follow the instructions of instructors all the time. Students may be issued warning if instructions are not followed.

5: Hygiene and Health :

Since its a school where fellow being from different cities are getting education together. So all students are supposed to maintain body cleanliness and good health all the time.

During the Shoot or Classes any student falls into minor or major accident, the management shall immediately take up First Aid  and  admission to basic clinic nearby.

But all the time responsibility of Students in terms of accident, major or minor , shall not  be of Management or BarodaActingSchool . Management takes care of all possible safety guidelines, if still some casualty happens even in case of loss of life, lives , management shall NOT be responsible at all.

6: Civic Sense and Privacy :

It is advised to all Students to maintain good relations with all fellow students, instructors, administrators and management. Also follow all local civic sense and respect people living near to classes, studio , shoot places etc.

All the time all Students are advised to adhere to privacy of follow students. It is not advisable to share day to day activities to outsiders without prior permission from the management.

7: Government Rules:

Local laws are to followed strictly. Use of liquor, banned intoxicates are strictly NO. Indulgence with local rowdy groups and supply of banned products may result in students complain to local police station .