1. What is the minimum age to join for any courses in Baroda Acting School?

  • Baroda Acting School accepts students from age 5 and there is no limit for maximum age limit. However, students below age of 10 are required to be accompanied by parents or guardians.

2. What are the courses offered by Baroda Acting School?

  • Acting (Adult+Child Acting), Camera Facing, Dancing, Dialogue,  Extra Curricular Activities, Grooming and Finishing Skills, Personality Development, Portfolio Making, Walk & Gestures Course. For more details please visit the Course Page.

3. What are the duration of courses offered by Baroda Acting School?

  • Each course have different duration depending upon the course. The details can be found on the respecting course page.

4. What are the fees to be paid?

  • We at Baroda Acting School charge very nominal fee which is affordable. Please visit the respective course page to find out the fee details.

5. Does an applicant have to go through the audition and interview process for all the courses offered by Baroda Acting School?

  • As we keep saying, we are here to prepare actors. So, we do not conduct any audition procedure for the admission to take place.

6. How often we conduct live shoots during course session?

  • Baroda Acting School gives the student an opportunity to go for live shoots in short films produced by Baroda Acting School and released in various popular online platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. We conduct shoots on every Saturday and Sunday. The students are given chance to act in films seniority wise.

7. Does Baroda Acting School help its students to get work as actors?

  • Yes, we do. As you know, in order to work as an actor in Mumbai, you need to have an actors club membership to act in films, serials etc. We do the liaison for those who wish to nourish their acting career in Mumbai in getting hem listed in the Actors Club and get the membership card.